Supremacy 1914 Update – Only for a short time – USA vs. Mexico – 1vs.1 map (18/12/14 - 02:29PM)

The year is going to end soon and as a small present to celebrate 2014 we decided to give you a little present for the last days of the year. From today on all players can play the new 1 vs.1 map! You always wanted to invade the USA as Mexico? Now your chance has come to show your skills in battle and conquer your enemy!

Supremacy 1914 Update – New medals& badges incoming! (16/12/14 - 05:07PM)

Here are the most important changes in detail: Medals: Released Medals for 2vs2 map and Armoured Car and Heavy Tank badges. Balancing: Fortresses now are more durable and won´t take damage that easy anymore Balancing: A declaration of war now grants morale penalties for both parties.

Supremacy 1914 Update – New Alliance ELO-Ranking and Bug Fighting (18/11/14 - 04:03PM)

Note that you have to reload the game to enable these changes! Today we released an improved ELO-ranking. The new ranking lets alliances gain and loose points faster than before. New alliances can climb faster to the top. After some weeks, the ranking should look very different to what it looks now. We hope ...

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