Community Competition: The English Server Competition (International Competition) (21/03/17 - 04:40PM)

From the Community for the Community. We’d like to introduce you to the English Sever Competition (EnSeCo): 'Do your inhabitants feel lazy? Is the war weariness high? Do they feel like the promised glory is taking too long to be achieved? Or do they just want ...

Un cane a cavallo e alcuni bug risolti per voi (15/03/17 - 02:20PM)

Stimati Generali, ecco un cane a cavallo per voi! Oh, ma la cosa piú importante é che abbiamo corretto diversi bug, compreso un errore che impediva ad alcune partite ‘comincia quando pieno’ di iniziare, anche se tutti i requisiti erano raggiunti. Ecco la lista completa degli ...

Team Up! (28/02/17 - 04:38PM)

Dear Generals, wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men. By men who team up and strategize, who cover each other's back and stand together as one. This is why we continually work to improve the game experience for team players. Today's update therefore focusses ...


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